I’m Noëmi Aepli, a Swiss PhD student in the field of Natural Language Processing. Currently I’m based in Zurich, at the Institute of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich.

I’ve been passionate about Swiss German Natural Language Processing since 2012 when I started a project with a fellow student: NOAH’s Corpus: Swiss German Part-of-Speech Tagging and have been involved in many Swiss German NLP projects since. Furthermore, I wrote my Master’s Thesis in the field: “Parsing Approaches for Swiss German” (PDF) and started the process of adding my manually created parse trees to the Universal Dependency Treebanks.

Research Interests

  • Natural Language Processing
  • NLP for low-resource languages & language varieties
  • Multimodal approaches; combining phonetic/audio information and text


A list of my publications is here and on Google Scholar. The PDFs can all be downloaded from ZORA (Zurich Open Repository Archive).


Curriculum Vitae

My CV is here.