Noëmi Aepli

PhD Student

University of Zurich

That’s me

I’m a PhD student at the Institute of Computational Linguistics working on my SNSF funded project Natural Language Processing for Low-Resource Language Variations ( LORELAI).

I’m very much fascinated by the variations of languages and the challenges they pose for NLP.


  • Computational Linguistics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • NLP for low-resource language varieties


  • Master in Computational Linguistics and Language Technologies, 2018

    University of Zurich


NOAH’s Corpus

Part-of-Speech Tagging for Swiss German

Swiss German UD

Universal Dependency Parsing for Swiss German

Selected Publications

A Resource for Natural Language Processing of Swiss German Dialects

data set for developing NLP applications for Swiss German & baseline for dialect identification

Part-of-Speech Tag Disambiguation by Cross-Linguistic Majority Vote

an approach to developing resources for a low-resource language, taking advantage of closely related languages